What Car Seats Should You Purchase

Looking for buying the best car seats can be the most popular things of every parent. However, choosing suitable ones is not easy at all since there are various types of car seats with different features, functionalities, and prices. Here are three common types that you may want to check out:  booster seats, convertible car seats (these include 3-in-1, combination car seat and all-in-1 seats), and infant car seats.

Notice: It is very important, necessary, and crucial to purchase the right car seats which are suitable for the weight, height and age to help keep your children’s safe completely during traveling in car. It is recommended that parents should avoid buying the used car seats or second hand seats which may be not safe to use (or the quality is not guaranteed). It is also important for you to pay attention to the type of car seats which should allow the child to remain in the rear facing position rather than other positions.

Infant Car Seats

In order to get the best suitable car seats for your baby, you should check out the weight and height. The infant car seats (with feature of rear facing in position) are usually suitable and appropriate for children weighing 22-35 pounds and a height of between 29-32 inches.

These infant car seats have convenient features such as a handle that allows parents to carry into or out of the car when moving or traveling. In addition, most of infant car seats are designed with sunroof that allows babies to be protected from the summer sun.

Convertible Car Seats

The infant car seats can be lighter and smaller than the convertible car seats since the convertible car seats have more functionalities and features, and are made to go well with older children. They are known as convertible car seats since they can be used in the rear facing position and can be turned into the forward facing position.

The best convertible car seats are usually suitable and appropriate for infants, toddlers weighing between 40-80 pounds and up to 50 inches in height. The 3-in-1 sometimes referred to as the all-in-one car seat can be a rear facing car seat, then shift to forward facing, and lastly become a booster seat when the child is over 100 pounds.

You should notice that not all 3-in-1 convertible car seats will be safe for infants. It depends on the types of convertible car seats because they may have different features. Before buying, you should check all details carefully in order to pick the right ones for your children.

Booster Car Seats

When will you consider using the booster car seats instead of using infant car seats and convertible car seats? The booster seats are usually suitable and appropriate for children weighing 40 pounds and over or children above 4 years old.

Note: It is recommended that you should check the height and weight limits of manufacturers in order to use suitable booster car seats.

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