A Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

According to consumer reports and reviews, it is obvious that one of the best and safest convertible car seats is a rear facing convertible car seat.

Each type of car seats, especially, convertible car seats can have different functions and features. Each one can be suitable for different ages. Before choosing car seats like convertible car seats, you should read the details of products in order to buy the right ones that fit your children, babies,…

The most common thing is using convertible car seat for your child when the age is at 1.


Most of best-selling rear facing convertible car seats can meet the expected levels of compliance and requirements with good ratings and scores.

These convertible car seats also have been tested with quality via many phases such as safety levels, durability levels, flexibility levels…One of the most important phases is collision or car crash. The test is done to see if the car seats can protect the kid’s head safely in the instance of a crash. In other words, the test shows that how the car seats can help the kid’s head avoid the collisions effectively. In brief, with the level of good quality, the convertible car seats can help your children avoid head injuries effectively. And this can explain why when the child interacts with the back of the seat in a rear facing position can be safer.

Note: The convertible car seats should be installed properly in order to maximize the effectiveness of protection. Otherwise, the convertible car seats will not be fully effective in protecting your child in a car crash.


  1. Height of Car Seat is IMPORTANT. Make sure you check and get the car seats that have suitable height in order to let the car seats function effectively.
  2. Necessity. It is necessary and essential to purchase a convertible car seat if you can keep your child safe while traveling in a car.
  3. Safety. A convertible car seat can keep the head of the child safe.
  4. Inconvenience. The car seats should be convenient and flexible. Better, ease of installation and use.



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